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Our Service


Once we receive your order, it becomes our mission to send you the best customized product that will please you.

We do our best to put your touch on your item, by carefully engraving and styling it the way you like.

Essentially, Twist was created for this purpose.

Our theme

your gift, your style.

Personalized Wallet Card Holder UAE
About Our Leather
Best Quality Mens Leather Wallet

Our Quality Wallets

After long research about leather types, we decided to go with the highest quality leather to build our wallets.


We came up with our own smart designs.

TWIST wallets are not only beautiful, but they are also Smart, Slim, practical Wallets, Hight quality and most of all SAFE.

We try to minimize the size of the wallet as much as possible with maximizing the capacity.


At the same time we add our RFID protection to our wallets to prevent any Fraud.

And of course you can engrave your name on it, how cool is that!

Excellent Gift 

Occasions have never been more exciting with us.

Whether it's a birthday, graduation or anniversary, selecting a gift is a whole new experience with Twist.

Go through our wide exciting range of products, set your customizations and we will do the rest.

Best gift for all occasions.

Easy peasy.

Customized Leather Bracelet for Men
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