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Between PASSION and ART, the concept of TWIST originated in 2017.

The passion being the commitment to our customers in providing the latest looks and finest fashion accessories.

The art being the innovative idea for our customers to TWIST their accessories into a one-of-a-kind piece with our customization and engraving services.

TWIST was never about regular accessories, but all about creating a special and unique gifting service aligned with today’s trend.

And because we believe that every customer has their own personal style, Our goal is to help you create, customize and set the style… your exclusive style.

  1. Leather bracelet for men

  2. Mens leather bracelet

  3. Personalized mens bracelet

  4. Personalized leather bracelet

  5. Genuine leather bracelet

  6. Steel pendant

  7. Steel pendant for sale

  8. Rfid wallet

  9. Rfid wallet for men

  10. Mens leather wallet

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